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Our Programmes

Below is a list of programmes and community outreach initiatives coordinated and conducted by our charity. 

Red Barrel Appeal - Food Bank


The Red Barrel Appeal is an initiative of the Bajan Fire Fighters' Network and was born out of a desire to assist the National HIV/AIDS Food Bank with securing donations of non-perishable food items to help individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our organisation coordinates and collects non-perishable food items in support of the Food Bank by encouraging members of the Barbados Fire Service and the public to generously give canned and other non-perishable food items. We also visit select locations around the island to conduct food drives. At the end of our strategic food drive campaign, the donated items are then delivered to the National HIV/AIDS Food Bank.


Smoke Detector Donor Programme


The Bajan Fire Fighters' Network as an ongoing initiative procures smoke detectors in association with the Barbados Fire Service. The devices are acquired with the kind assistance of our local and international donor partners and affiliates.


The detectors are installed FREE of charge at the homes of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable persons.  Members of the Fire Prevention Unit (Fire Service) or Volunteers from our organisation assist with the installation and maintenance of these early warning devices. 

Project H.A.R.P. Outreach


Project H.A.R.P (Humanitarian Assistance Response Programme) is a community programme conducted by the volunteers of the Bajan Fire Fighters Network. Our organisation readily gives assistance in the aftermath of natural disasters and man-made calamities.

This assistance is rendered by volunteering in restoration efforts, providing guidance, technical assistance or by coordinating the provision of physical resources e.g. clothing, pursuing donations of building materials to help fire victims etc.

Community Training Programme


The Community Education and Training Initiative (CETI) concept was developed and implemented in 2008 as a pilot project geared primarily towards the District Emergency Organisations. The programme today is available to all community-based groups and is designed to empower these groups with emergency and disaster preparedness skills.


The CETI training programmes and resource material provides community groups with a greater understanding and appreciation for disaster and emergency preparedness. The programmes also increase their ability to safely help themselves, their families and neighbours during the aftermath of a disaster. 

Community Risk Reduction

Our charity is committed to the preservation of life and property. Helping our communities to identify potential risks is accomplished through our Community Risk Reduction Campaign.

The campaign is executed by our volunteers conducting periodic community visits, the production and distribution of public safety and risk reduction literature and the dissemination of prevention tips via social media geared towards raising the awareness and teaching the importance of risk reduction and safety.

Youth Explorer Programme


The Youth Explorer Programme (YEP) was established to assist in developing our youth. The Youth Explorer Programme is executed in collaboration with other support agencies and stakeholders which significantly enhances the programmes ability to deliver information via different instructional environments other than being in a classroom.


The programme encompasses adventure and recreational type educational activities. If you are interested in supporting or facilitating this type of endeavour, please contact us.